The Cathedral in Zagreb

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The history of the cathedral in Zagreb is quite a turbulent one. It was erected in the transitory Romanesque-Gothic style in 1217, only to be razed almost to its foundations thirty years later by the Tartars. Read more


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Zagreb, Croatia’s capital and largest city, lies on the bank(s) of the Sava River, at the foot of the Medvednica Range

As the country’s cultural centre, Zagreb is well known for its museums, theatres, concerts and other cultural programmes. Zagreb is also called the city of museums, as there are more museums per square foot in this place than any other place in the world.

The old part of Zagreb consists of three historical sections, all of which have retained their medieval atmosphere; they contain the majority of its monuments, most of which visited on foot. Read more

Zagreb Contemporary Art Museum

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The Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU), the biggest and most contemporary museum institution in Croatia and the largest cultural institution since the independence of Croatia has recently been opened in New Zagreb. Read more