Dalmatia Zadar region

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The Zadar region is the northernmost part of Dalmatia, its gate of welcome to all those who travel from the north of the Adriatic. It is full of contrasts, rich in historic heritage and breathtakingly beautiful nature.

The first, and therefore perhaps the most intense experience of these parts, are the intense colours, that particular harmony of the vivid blue of the sea and over it the dark green of pine trees or olive groves that descend all the way to the shore. And to all that the brilliant white of the Dalmatian stone must be added – it forms the beaches either in slabs or broken down into gravel or pebbles, attracting numerous tourists. Read more

Zadar Museum of Antique Glass

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Zadar Museum of Antique Glass is a unique museum of its kind, not only in Croatia, but in the entire world. The public can see around 2,000 various glass objects from Antiquity, dating from the 1st century BC to the 5th century AD. These unique objects have been discovered in sites in Zadar, Nin, Starigrad beneath Velebit and in Asseria near Benkovac. Read more


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Also referred to as the “Small Croatian Rome”, Zadar, formerly the capital of Dalmatia, is rich in cultural and historical sights; Roman, Byzantine and Romanesque architectural masterpieces can be found in the city.

Zadar is situated on a peninsula-like tongue of land, separated from the mainland by the inner-harbor. Zadar has a history of almost three millennia, its traces making it particularly interesting. Many tourists have recently discovered Zadar as a must-see destination. Read more