Velebit caves

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The underground world of the Karst landscape is to this day for many people still something unknown, mysterious and a little bit frightening. Thanks, however, to research done by geologists, hydrologists, speleologists and biospeleologists the beauty and attraction of caves has for decades now been known to the wider public. Read more

Velebit Nature Park

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Velebit mountain is the longest mountain range in Croatia extending in the form of a gentle arc from the Senjska draga cove and Vratnik to the upper course of the River Zrmanja to a total length of about 145 km. Read more


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Gospić is located in the middle of the Ličko field, one of the largest karst fields in Croatia, at 562 m above sea-level, at the intersection of several roads and the banks of three rivers: Lika, Novčica and Bogdanica. Read more