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Lovran long ago became an attractive place for tourists to come especially in the autumn.

Located not far from Opatija, to which it is connected by the 12-kilometre long Lungomare seaside promenade, Lovran has been living with tourism for a full one hundred years. Read more


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Here the littoral landscape is practically in the immediate vicinity of the mountainous and forested region of Gorski kotar, the Mediterranean clime and way of life are first neighbours with the harsh mountain climate, while the world of a fashionable tourist resort boasting a 150 year long tradition is so vastly different from the simple rhythm of the island life.

Kvarner is a place where those seeking the glitter of Opatija whose tourist tradition, parks replete with lush greenery and elegant villas, combined with the 12 km long promenade by the sea, attract guests throughout the year. Read more

Cres island

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The island of Cres is the largest island in the Adriatic, located in the northern part of the Kvarner bay. In the south, in Osor, it is connected with the island Lošinj via a drawbridge.

The coast of the island is 66 kilometres long and very well developed, rich in numerous coves and pebble beaches in its western and southern part, while the northern and eastern part are characterized by steep and harsh rocks.  Read more

Frankopan castle, Bakar

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The Frankopan castle is one of the more significant symbols of the long and rich history of the city of Bakar.

The Frankopan castle dates from sometime in the early middle ages, but it got its present appearance in the 18th century when the walls of the towers were lowered after the earthquake of 1750. Read more

Ucka Nature Park

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Ucka is a narrow and tall mountain (1,401 metres) that separates Istria and Kvarner, and extends almost vertically to the Dinarides, i.e., Ćićarija, which continues onto it.

Geologically it is composed predominantly of calciferous rock, and in its top section there is a narrow zone of flysch beneath the limestone cap. The slopes are a combination of limestone and dolomite, with relief forms created by erosion and tectonic activity. Read more


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Fužine has an attractive position in a woody part of the mountainous region near Kvarner Riviera. Situated at an altitude of 730 meters and around thirty kilometers from the sea, Fužine provides a number of opportunities for a quality holiday. Fužine happens to be the oldest Croatian continental tourist location, where tourism began to develop in 1874. Read more

Kvarner tourism

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The Primorje-Gorski Kotar County area, under the single and recognisable name of Kvarner, brings together islands, coastlines and highlands. The variety of climes and vegetation, architecture, culture and customs is at the heart of the various kids of tourism offer available – you can enjoy bathing in the sea, in the specific life and rich heritage of the islands, in hikes in the fresh mountain air of the Gorski kotar highlands and skiing and sledding in wintertime. Read more


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Rijeka, situated in the northern corner of Kvarner Bay, is Croatia’s third-largest city and the most important port along the Adriatic coast. Rijeka enjoyed its golden age during the Austro-Hungarian Empire when it was developed as the Empire’s principal port. Read more

Kvarner top destinations

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Thanks to its mild winters and hot summers, Kvarner has slowly become an extremely popular destination for travelers.  Located in the Mediterranean, Kvarner has been able to expand its tourism base while maintaining a solid industry to support the economy.  If you plan on taking a trip to Kvarner, here are three places that you should make sure you don’t miss out on Read more