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Malinska is situated in woody bay on the western shores of the Adriatic Sea’s largest island – Krk, and has for ages drawn tourists to its tranquillity.

Numerous beaches, the natural beauty of the picturesque countryside, cultural points of interest and a gentle Mediterranean climate are the characteristics that drawn a large number of visitors to Malinska, and given the very pleasant climate tourists come year-round. Read more

The Baska Tablet

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The Baska tablet is probably the most famous monument of early Croatian literacy, dating from about 1100. Its size and weight are impressive: 2×1 m, 800 kg. According to Branko Fucic and Eduard Hercigonja, the language of inscription is Croatian – Chakavian with elements of liturgical Church Slavonic, and the script is Croatian Glagolitic. Read more

Krk Island

Krk island is located in Kvarner bay, near Rijeka.  It is one of the biggest islands in this area, being at a size of approximately four hundred and nine square kilometers, covering 405.78 square km, and is also one of the most populous islands. The island is connected to the mainland via 1,430 m long bridge, which is one of the longest concrete bridges in the world. You can reach Krk island by air by air as the northern town of Omišalj hosts the Rijeka International Airport. Read more