Istrian wine roads

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Wine is an inevitable part of Istria’s identity, and the wine roads are an organic part of the tourist attractions in the penninsula.

There are presently six wine roads in the Istrian region: in the areas of Buje, Poreč, Buzet, Pazin, Rovinj, Vodnjan and Labin, including 88 itineraries/stations. Read more

Ozalj Vivodina wine road

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The 30 km long Ozalj-Vivodina wine-road in Karlovac County combines 11 of the best known wine manufacturers from this eminent wine-rich area into a unique whole. The wine-road stretches over 30 km from Vivodina to Vrhovac. The wine-road  was implemented by the Ozalj winegrowers’, winemakers’ and fruit-farmers’ association, in cooperation with the Karlovac County Tourist association. Read more

Daruvar Vineyards Wine Road

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Wine experts know that the Daruvar area is famous for its excellent vine varieties and good wine. The winegrowing tradition in this area is hundreds of years old and its history is, therefore, also very rich since the gentle and sunny Papuk hills provide excellent winegrowing conditions. Read more