Croatia sailing regulations

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The skipper of a vessel entering the territorial waters of the Republic of Croatia by sea is obliged to take the shortest route to the nearest port open to international traffic, in order to carry out border control formalities, to obtain the relevant official vignette (sticker) and for the verification of crew member and passenger lists at the Harbour Master’s Office, or branch office. Read more

Croatia sailing vacations

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Sailing across Croatia’s eye-catching coastline is a wonderful experience. The country’s tourism industry has been flagged up because of Croatia’s cruising and yachting industries. With more than 1,180 islands and 3,000-mile long coastline, one can feel the grandeur of the magic the country can bring. In 2005 alone, there are approximately 10 million tourists in Croatia with most of them wanting to take a quick look at the Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas. Read more